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Semex's Goldwyn Passes 1000 EX Daughters In Canada
Article posted on November 28, 2012, 15:20:49

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Semex’s super sire, Braedale Goldwyn continues his march into the history books with the classification of his one thousandth Excellent (EX) daughter in Canada. 

Holstein Canada has determined that his one thousandth EX daughter is Donar Pally Jo Goldwyn who scored EX-90-CAN in her fourth lactation by Holstein Canada Classifier Bruno Jubinville. Bred and owned by Dorothea Beier and Horst Schulz in St Cyrille, Quebec, Pally Jo has records to over 18,000 kgs of milk with over 53,000 kgs lifetime to date, proving that Pally Jo is profitable from every angle.

Goldwyn’s accomplishments seem to know no end, as these 1000 EX daughters are only a fraction of his story in Canada. He has a remarkable 85% GP and better rating on over 30,000 daughters classified, with one in 30 of these daughters scoring EX and one in three scoring VG!

“Goldwyn has redefined the breed,” says Semex Sire Analyst Julien Chabot. “He has modernized the show ring into a class of his own. His influence will be felt for many generations, and might never be equaled. Having his one thousandth daughter classified EX is a milestone no other bull in Canada has ever achieved. Goldwyn makes it look easy. With still more than 10,000 young VG daughters, we should not be surprised if Goldwyn reaches the mark of 2000 EX daughters someday!”

As a sire of sons, Goldwyn’s legacy is growing daily. Worldwide his sons are making their mark, topping LPI and TPI charts and transmitting the same traits that made Goldwyn so very popular…. Tremendous udders, low SCS, high productive life, high fat and excellent type. At Semex over 115 Goldwyn sons have been sampled, with eight now being proven.

“On a constant basis, the Goldwyn sons and grandsons excel for overall type and good components,” says Pierre Laliberté, Semex Senior Vice President, Genetics & Research. “Most of them are quite low on SCS and significantly improve Herd Life. Goldwyn’s influence will be major in the show ring, but he will be remembered for his great influence of long-lasting cows that could be mated to a variety of sires. With several sons used extensively in Canada, and soon many grandsons, Goldwyn will be found in the pedigrees of a very high percentage of Canadian cows.”

Semex’s Goldwyn is certainly a special sire that is undoubtedly the foundation of breeding stock worldwide. His impact will long be felt through his first 1000 EX daughters in Canada, his EX daughters worldwide and his sons that will continue to carry his legacy forward and ensure that Goldwyn and Semex are synonymous with Genetics for Life.

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